Welcome to etc4CA

etc4CA is a social enterprise equipping people in Central Asia to do business better. Since 2010 we have trained well over 1,000 business people in the region.

Who are we?

We are experienced business professionals who have successfully worked for many years in multi-national companies. Since leaving roles in the UK and whilst travelling across Central Asia, we developed a passion for those countries, their cultures and their peoples.

What do we do?


etc4CA provides three types of services:

How do we work?

Our values:

  • Trust and integrity – the foundation of how we build our relationships with all of our partners, clients and suppliers.
  • Openness and honesty – in all our business dealings and communications.
  • Empowerment – we share our knowledge, skills and experience to enable, equip and encourage Central Asians to make sustainable improvements to their own businesses and in their lives.
  • Excellence – delivering our work to the highest standards for all our clients
  • Justice – ensuring access to our services for all those in or seeking to start business in Central Asia, irrespective of wealth, gender, race and religious conviction.

One of etc4CA’s guiding principles is to cascade knowledge and effectively “train trainers”. We believe that it is critical to impart practical knowledge to local people at the earliest opportunity and to truly empower those individuals to go and teach others. We believe that intellectual property should be shared and built on as required. As experienced business consultants, our style is collaborative. We work with you in achieving results rather than simply doing things to your business. We believe this engenders long-term improvement rather than short-term results.

Who do we work with?

etc4CA works with a wide range of clients from small/medium enterprises through to local and central government organisations. Our business experience has been generated from many industrial sectors (e.g. retail, consumer products, healthcare, public sector, energy, telecoms and financial services). For this reason we are able to provide our education, training and consulting services to all of these sectors. Our project work is enabled by developing partnerships with businesses and individuals in the west. etc4CA acts as a catalyst in developing collaborative partnerships between business and individuals in the west and enterprises in Central Asia.

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